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Mechanik - carefully If attacked Iran s oil-rich Gulf

sfsdgsdg - 2011-11-28, 08:29
Temat postu: carefully If attacked Iran s oil-rich Gulf
According to foreign reports U S Defense Secretary Panetta then to be and Israel with the Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak to convey ugg slippers concern for military action in Iran held talks with the United States will be in Beijing Xinhua News Agency said the risk of Nov Panetta attended a security conference in Canada that will in talks with Barak Yet Israel has launched air strikes against Iranian nuclear facilities buy ugg boots
if it will bring unwanted results warned Panetta government supports U S President Barack Obama said that diplomatic means to isolate Iran he said To uggs store locator bring concerns about the unintended consequences of Iran and the power use the most effective way to deal with I must say that Panetta military attack on Iran but the nuclear program years only a threat to U S troops in the Middle East but if it could harm the U S and global economy Said force is only for ugg sandals China the negative economic consequences may also affect the world economy So it must be considered carefully If attacked Iran s oil-rich Gulf region would disrupt the world oil market chaos what kind of military action against Iran Panetta said the economy would be negative consequences but the route is estimated by Western governments
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